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This is more than a Beardpunch record, its a collective effort from a group of friends, from recording,artwork,photos,shows. Shouts to everyone that helped out with this.
Make friends with hardcore. Dont be a dick.


released October 10, 2014

Music by Beardpunch
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Findlay at Old School Studios.

Artwork By Jason Tysoe



all rights reserved


BEARDPUNCH Milton Keynes, UK

Jack - vocals
Jeff - Guitar
Ash - Bass
Jay - Drums

Fast hardcore from Milton Keynes,UK

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Track Name: Ice Gem
look at you
ur so pretentious
actin like
looks are precious

ur jumpy as fuck
tempers a mess
ur ego's as big
as your fucking chest

mindset is fucked
u thinkin so reckless
wind your neck in
ur fucking hapless

you aint got a clue
ur nothing to me
cos you havent got respect
Track Name: I Can't See
People always look at me
Like I cant see
when you are standing here
right next to me

these words I wanna say
I will soon swallow
cos you always tell me that
"youre fucking hollow"

I have to get away
my skin ill shed
no i wont be happy
till i wind up dead

I can never win
i can never be
with you right here
stopping what is me

All i ever wanted
all i ever craved
is for all this paranoia
to just go away

will u ever trust me?
or am i wasting time?
im near the fuckin end
ive drawn the fucking line
Track Name: Grey Town
Grey people
Grey town
Nothings up
Always down
No culture
all an image
Just a place
Full of gimmicks
Shop and shop
Till you drop
Spend your money
Waste your time

what a life
What a game
everyone's the fucking same!
Track Name: Lose My Way
nothing i do
nothing i say
makes these things
go away
gotta find
a way from here
gotta make
my mission clear
look inside
find my self
recover my
mental health
create a way
to raise my head
or else ill
end up dead

Do it for my self

Do it for a change

i dont wanna keep

loosing my way

where to go
what to choose
nothing left
for me to lose
what i gain
is what i keep
never sleep

Do it for my self

Do it for a change

i dont wanna keep

loosing my way
Track Name: Skate Yourself Sane
sick of the bullshit
i need to escape
repetitive motions
is racking my brain

no release
i got no repent
busting my ass
to pay the rent

working all day
its bringing me down
im makin the most
of this shit fucking town

All i wanna do
is skate all day
bombing down a hill
or a game of skate
its the greatest feeling
when you skate yourself sane